Advanced isolation technology
Widely used in power industry intelligent equipment
Provides comprehensive safety protection
for intelligent control
iDivider? Technology
Escort for safety production

Change the way people connect with the world

2Pai Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co. Ltd is a solution provider dedicated to building the high-performance analog integrated circuits, focusing on the development and sale of analog integrated circuits. With iDivider? technology, we offer isolator products and other high-performance analog products that outperforming in market.

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iDivider? Technology


iDivider? Technology is a new generation of digital isolator technology invented by 2Pai Semiconductor, which uses capacitor separation theory rather than traditional modulation demodulation technology to transmit signals, fundamentally addressing the performance defects of traditional isolation technologies (such as opto-coupler technology, i-coupler technology, OOK technology, etc.) and resulting in more efficient and simple isolation signal transmission technology.



Higher speed
4 times faster
Lower power
Working current reduced by 5 times
Low delay
2X reduction in delay

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